Eni is a petite fashion blogger based in the UK, originally born in Nigeria, who works as a blogger, YouTuber and stylist in London. Using fashion as a fun way to express her own personal style, Eni has created a platform where she produces stunning visuals and inspiring outfits that are easy for everyone to recreate. Her style mixes fun, vibrant prints with simple wardrobe basics, giving all of her readers the inspiration they need to elevate their day-to-day outfits with ease. With over 22,000 followers on Instagram alone, Eni has become one of the most-loved bloggers sharing style ideas for people with a petite body shape who may otherwise struggle to find clothing pieces that fit their body shape. Some of Eni’s most popular posts include her summer styling video which shares how to style the popular athleisure trend and her 4 all-black looks video which is perfect for those who love to sport a monochromatic look. You can find more of Eni’s content on her blog and Instagram.
Chrissy is a writer and wellness advocate that currently lives in New York—and also has the most inspiring style that she shares with all of her followers! Chrissy is the epitome of ‘cool girl style’, her fashion-forward and street style-inspired looks are always extremely creative and effortless. She’s able to mix masculine tailoring with statement dresses and super cool prints to create a unique style you won’t be able to find on anyone else. Alongside her fashion content, you’ll also find lots of posts about wellness and self-care, which is another big passion for Chrissy. She also shares a lot of insights into what it’s like to live in the busy city of New York, which would make anyone want to pack up all their things immediately and book the next flight over there! Some of Chrissy’s most popular posts include her frequent videos sharing the outfits that she’ll be wearing for the next month. In the posts, you’ll be able to see all of the latest fashion trends before they happen, and get planning what you plan to wear during the month.
Mercer 7 is a blog founded by a New York fashion designer, stylist and creative director, Erna Leon. The blog and Erna are now based in London and can be described as a ‘curated womenswear concept and a collaborative lifestyle platform’. The blog is best known for helping its readers create their own capsule wardrobes, consisting of a limited amount of clothes that can be worn in a variety of ways.
The blog is also a champion of slow fashion and investing in particular pieces that will last you throughout the seasons, rather than shopping for trendy items from fast fashion brands that won’t last long. Mercer 7’s style is very effortless and timeless that focuses on a ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to style. This means that all of the looks you find on the blog will be very easy to recreate and will, most importantly, not go out of style any time soon. Some of the most popular posts that you can find on Mercer 7 include the capsule wardrobe edit, which shares all the pieces you should invest in for a minimalist wardrobe. Also, the sustainable edit which focuses on highlighting ethically manufactured clothes and ethical fashion brands.

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