Drawer inserts

As simple as they are, drawer inserts are definitely a must-have item. From utensil trays for all your cutlery to dividers for creating smaller compartments, there are plenty of ways to use these pieces to organise your kitchen drawers.

Grouping utensils and gadgets together means you’ll know exactly where to find what you’re looking for. You won’t miss having to rummage around for a vegetable peeler or specific pot lid when you can separate things into categories.

Many of us have the classic ‘junk drawer’ that leaves us digging through endless bits and bobs in frustration. Whether it’s batteries and bottle openers or sauces and spices, implementing drawer dividers will save you so much time.

If you find that your larger cooking utensils don’t fit in your drawer inserts well, another option is to use a hanging rack. Instead of letting utensil jars and knife blocks clutter up the counter, use hooks or a magnetic strip to keep them on the wall.

A step up from the humble drawer insert is the pull-out mechanism. Why make grabbing pans or plates from a base cabinet harder than it needs to be? Clever kitchen storage mechanisms allow you to access whatever you need immediately.

Popular Lazy Susan-style mechanisms can make a corner carousel to bring items from the back to the front. No more crouching down and peering into the dark depths of the corner cupboard for the blender that you’re sure you stored back there.

Similarly, pull-out shelves prevent the need to bend down or reach blindly into your base units. Simply open the door and the mechanism ensures that the shelves will extend smoothly. Take what you need, close it again, and the shelves tuck themselves away.

Pull-out larders are also extremely useful storage features. These tend to be made of wirework sections attached to the back of the door, which slide or swing out along with it to reveal your hidden pantry. This also helps to spot when you’re running low on something.

Whether you live with housemates, a partner, or a full family, the noise of slamming cupboard doors can be a constant source of irritation. This can even be dangerous if there are small children around, who may be prone to getting their fingers trapped.

Soft-closing hinges for kitchen doors and drawers are a crucial addition to prevent injuries and keep the peace and quiet. No matter how much force you use to try to close them, the specially designed hinges will stop them from slamming shut.

For example, the German-manufactured Hettich hinges that we supply at Kitchen Warehouse use an innovative and compact piston design to ensure that doors and drawers slide closed softly and slowly, rather than swinging forcefully.

This means everyone in the home can prepare food calmly, without the stressful sounds of banging doors disturbing anyone else. It also reduces accidental damage to the kitchen units, so you can get the most out of them for many years.

An important element of every kitchen that people often overlook is waste disposal. Whether you have one big waste bin or prefer separate bins to organise your recycling, these bulky containers can be an eyesore (not to mention a potential source of bad smells).

Along with pull-out storage, it’s also possible to install pull-out kitchen waste bins. This allows you to hide your bins out of sight behind a panel that seamlessly matches your units. It also helps to contain smells – though you shouldn’t leave pungent waste in there for too long, anyway!

Keeping the area clean and tidy is one of the most difficult parts of running a functional kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Drawer-style pull-out bins can make a massive difference to the way you manage your household rubbish and recycling systems.

Regardless of the style or size of kitchen, it’s straightforward to install slide-out bins in a cupboard or recess. You can say goodbye to that unsightly overflowing pedal bin taking up valuable floorspace thanks to the many benefits of integrated kitchen bins.

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